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Save Money on Your Energy Bill with Spray Foam Insulation

Enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of your Dallas-Fort Worth home with our expert spray foam insulation services.

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Free Audit (Insulations)

Get a Free Energy Audit

Free Audit (Insulations)

DFW Spray Foam Services

Benefits of Spray Foam

As a fully certified and insured company, Green Attics is celebrated for our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

We advocate for spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation as the optimal choice for residential and commercial settings in Texas, due to its array of benefits:

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Green Attics has been completing Insulation Installations and HVAC services for our Dallas-Fort Worth customers for years.

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Green Attics hires only the most detail-oriented technicians to service your home in a thorough, professional manner.

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Our technicians undergo continual training to stay ahead of the curve on energy efficiency, insulation innovations and HVAC technology.

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We’re eager to provide outstanding insulation and HVAC services to keep you delighted, making Green Attics your go-to choice for any future heating or cooling needs.
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Save Money On Your Home Energy Bill with Spray Foam Insulation


Energy Efficiency Questions

Though insulation prevents the transfer of heat through the materials that make up your home, there are almost always still small holes, cracks, and gaps that allow for air to flow freely from your living space. This issue is not addressed with other types of insulation materials, but spray foam insulation can solve both problems at once.

Spray foam insulation is an expanding non-toxic polyurethane material that is installed as a liquid foam. As it expands it hardens and fills any existing holes and gaps in addition to providing a high resistance to the transfer of heat. Spray foam is the top of the line, most effective insulation material for attics and crawl spaces.

As systems age (typically lasting 10-20 years), their efficiency decreases, often becoming noisier and requiring more frequent repairs. When faced with aging equipment, you have two options: overhaul or replace. Considering the continual advancements in heating and cooling technologies, opting for a new, energy-efficient system makes sense, especially if your current one is 10 years or older. We can provide estimates for the cost of a new system and illustrate a payback schedule to demonstrate how investing in newer technology can lead to long-term energy savings.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we will explore every known cause of energy loss. From air infiltration, misconfigured or improperly sized ducts, to insulation, ventilation, hvac system, and more.

Fiberglass insulation is fluffy, pink, yellow, or white and most commonly known. Fiberglass insulation is cost-effective, it comes in rolls, batt, and loose-fill. It has a relatively low R-value, it can be customized to fit the R-value needs of any home based on how thick and densely it is installed.

Finding insects, rodents or other animals in your home is never a good thing. If you do happen to find one, be sure to replace your insulation immediately. Not only do these animals eat away at existing insulation, making it virtually nonexistent in certain areas of your home, but they also contaminate what’s left of insulation in the areas they inhabit.

If you notice that there is water damage, this means it’s time to replace your insulation as soon as possible. Once insulation is exposed to moisture or gets wet, it can’t be salvaged. Wet insulation is also prone to growing dangerous mold that can infest various areas of your home.

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Spray Foam Can help you Save Money on Your DFW Home Energy Bill

If you’re tired of dealing with a home that doesn’t have consistent temperatures, then spray foam insulation could be the solution you need. Spray insulation for your home not only helps to better control indoor temperatures, but it also helps to keep those energy costs low. With the driving costs of utilities nowadays, you look for any sort of way to save some cash. Whether you’re well-educated on attic foam insulation or you have no idea where to start, Green Attics is here to help.

We all know that Texas summers aren’t the most comfortable time of year. In order to protect your home from the elements, spray foam insulation is a fantastic solution. This spray insulation is applied to your attic space and the results are incredible. While these Texas summers force us to crank down that thermostat, this attic foam insulation helps trap that cool air and keeps energy costs to a minimum. Although many homeowners don’t realize it, foam insulation can do wonders for many aspects of your home. From limiting dust to being more eco-friendly, there are many benefits to using our spray foam insulation.

Being the most eco-friendly type of insulation out there, spray insulation is the home solution you need. And given that Green Attics has the professional insulation team you can trust, there’s no one better suited for the job. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners with their attic foam insulation needs and we’d be happy to add you to our list of happy customers. And thanks to our three convenient offices in the area, an insulation solution is just minutes away! Take a look at the benefits of our spray foam insulation:

Traps Indoor Air and Blocks Outdoor Air

Our spray insulation helps to trap your cool indoor air, while also preventing those brutal outdoor temps to infiltrate your home. While an air leak may be hard to notice, it can certainly drive up your energy bills in a hurry. If you’re constantly lowering your thermostat for no apparent reason, give us a call for a FREE energy audit!

Controls Moisture

While the dreadful heat is always something we shy away from, moisture is another factor that can be damaging to our home. Our spray foam insulation not only helps to control temperature but also helps to control moisture. This spray insulation helps block any moisture that’s trying to enter your home, and condensation is also prevented.

Sound-Absorbing Qualities

Another benefit of our attic foam insulation is that it also works as a sound-proof material. Especially if you live on a noisy street, these sounds can be quite annoying to deal with. From cars driving by to loud neighbors, there are many sounds that can seep through your home’s walls. Our spray foam insulation helps to trap the sounds in your residence while also preventing sounds to enter your home. Enjoy quiet living with our spray insulation today!

Dependable Spray Insulation in Dallas-Fort Worth

While there are many companies that offer spray insulation, a lot of them don’t use sustainable products and many of them aren’t focused on customer service. Here at Green Attics, we focus on providing the most eco-friendly spray foam insulation in the industry while making customer service our #1 priority. We have decades of experience with attic foam insulation solutions and we’re here for any project you need, big or small. Foam insulation can be difficult to understand, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions!

According to, energy use in America is doubled every twenty years. While that’s a scary fact to digest, we must come together and help limit our energy usage. Here at Green Attics, we are fully aware of the energy crisis at hand and we’re here to make a difference for both you and the planet. Once we visit your home for an energy audit, we can show you just how beneficial our spray foam insulation can be. Furthermore, we are proud to have professional spray insulation experts on our team who can solve your energy problems with ease.

How to Get Started

If you want to experience a healthier, more comfortable home, then we would love to have a conversation. Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online form to start the process. Once you make an appointment with us, we’ll come to your home for a FREE energy audit where we’ll compile a Certified Performance Report (CPR). This will help us determine where your home stands in terms of energy consumption. If we find that spray foam insulation can provide many lasting benefits for your home, we’d be more than happy to schedule an appointment to provide our exceptional spray insulation service.

Why Choose Us?

Green Attics is here to make your home more energy-efficient while also improving your indoor air quality. Unlike other similar companies, our team is trained to focus on the small details to create error-free, convenient solutions for our customers. From our energy audits to our amazing attic foam insulation services, make an appointment today to experience a healthier, happier home!