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There’s no way to beat the Texas heat without excellent Energy Efficiency, and at Green Attics, we specialize in helping our friends and neighbors find the insulation available and keep them running at maximum efficiency. From Fiberglass Insulation to Spray Foam, we offer a full range of energy efficiency services.

Attic Insulation

Did you know that properly installed attic insulation can greatly reduce your energy bills? Here at Green Attics, we are proud to offer blown in insulation solutions that can provide incredible energy-saving benefits. Not only will you save on energy, but you’ll also experience a cleaner, more comfortable home environment. During the harsh winters or brutal summers, the outdoor elements can infiltrate your home and cause an increase in discomfort and an increase in your energy bills. While it may be hard to notice a warmer or cooler home, the increase in your energy bills is a good indication that you have a problem on your hands.

Insulation Removal

While it’s common belief that insulation provides many benefits for your home, attic insulation removal is important if your insulation is old and/or contaminated. Here at Green Attics, we use a commercial grade attic insulation vacuum that effectively removes this harmful insulation that can be damaging to your health. While you may think that you can handle this removal yourself, you should definitely leave it to the professionals.

Spray Foam Insulation

If you’re tired of dealing with a home that doesn’t have consistent temperatures, then spray foam insulation could be the solution you need. Spray insulation for your home not only helps to better control indoor temperatures, but it also helps to keep those energy costs low. With the driving costs of utilities nowadays, you look for any sort of way to save some cash. Whether you’re well-educated on attic foam insulation or you have no idea where to start, Green Attics is here to help.

Energy Audit

Have you ever received an energy audit for your home? With how much energy is wasted on a daily basis in the United States, getting a home energy audit is now more important than ever. People all over America constantly use electronics, appliances, and other gadgets without giving energy a second thought. However, the truth of the matter is, millions of dollars are wasted on energy every single year. While it’s hard to notice how much energy you are really wasting, our audits can provide the valuable information you need.

Radiant Barrier

Did you know that a radiant barrier can help you save up to 30% on your next energy bill? Here at Green Attics, we are poured to have radiant barrier installation professionals on our team who can install these systems quickly and effectively. Given that the Texas summers don’t provide cool and comfortable temperatures, it’s our duty as homeowners to protect our home as best we can. While energy bills are already high enough during the summer, a poorly insulated attic can drive these costs up even more.

Solar Attic Fans

Have you ever heard of a solar attic fan? These fans, combined with solar roof vents, help to create an eco-friendly way to cool down your attic space and entire home. While you may think of solar panels when you think of solar, these solar fans are also very beneficial to your home. Tired of dealing with warm indoor temperatures? Feeling inconsistent temperatures throughout your home? You may not realize it, but the temperature inside your home is mostly controlled from the environment in your attic. And during those brutal Texas summers, your attic can become a hot mess.

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